Vault E Application Update 0.6.0

4 min readJul 13, 2022


At Hodllabs, our motto is simplicity matters. From the very beginning, we designed Vault E with simplicity and security first in mind. Recently, we launched our 0.6.0 update on Web and Android platforms. The primary goal of 0.6.0 was to improve the overall user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Some of these changes will be very evident at first look, and others are under the hood.


  1. Completely revamped UI across the web app and Android app
  2. Rewrote frontend code to better support multiple themes (expect several festive themes in the upcoming future and possibly a feature update allowing fully custom user-definable themes)
  3. Dozens of bug fixes; most addressing general stability and reliability
  4. Several UX improvements such as including seed word auto-complete feature during the wallet recovery process
  5. New backend node and redundancy/backup mechanisms to minimize backend server downtime
  6. Unifying the UI/UX design of the Web app and Android app

Let’s break these down one at a time:

  1. Revamped UI

When we designed our initial UI, we thought we were on the right track, but after considering user feedback, we identified several areas that needed improvements. First, we changed our colour scheme for better contrast and thus better visibility. We rearranged and consolidated UI elements to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Our primary focus was improving the UI/UX so that a user can focus on cryptocurrency instead of struggling with the software itself.

2. Themes

Some people swear by dark themes for their application, while others prefer something lighter. Here at Hodllabs, we love having multiple options for UI themes. Unfortunately, our initial UI code wasn’t designed to allow the addition of new themes or easy modification of our existing themes. With the 0.6.0 update, we can offer multiple themes for our users to choose from. Currently, the web app is equipped with the default dark theme and two additional light themes; and the Android app is equipped with the default dark theme and one additional light theme. Shortly, we will be updating our themes to include time-exclusive festive themes (such as during Halloween or Christmas). Further down the roadmap, we plan on adding a fully featured theme editor (that can be synced across both platforms) for our users to go wild.

3. Bug fixes

Vault E is still in beta, and bugs are something we expect and are actively working on fixing ASAP. Unfortunately, some bugs take longer to resolve, and we apologize for that. However, with the 0.6.0 update, we have resolved various bugs across both platforms. As a result, we expect a considerable improvement in the general stability of both applications.

4. UX Improvements

We have included multiple quality of life changes that should significantly improve the overall user experience. One of the more significant updates was the ability to auto-complete seed words during the wallet recovery process. The wallet recovery process can be daunting, and the seed auto-complete feature should make it a little easier to tackle.

5. New backend node

We kept running into issues with our backend server that resulted in crashes every so often. We have since we switched to a new server and implemented several backup processes. In our testing, we haven’t seen any crashes so far, and in case there is one, we expect to be back up and running fairly quickly.

6. Unifying UI/UX of both the Web app and the Android app

One of the more frequent complaints was the significant difference in the user experience between the web app and the Android app. Some of our users felt that seperate companies developed the two applications. Firstly, we assure you both are designed and built in-house; secondly, we heard you loud and clear, and during the redesign, we made sure the UX remains consistent across both platforms.

Vault E and all its accompanying softwares are still in beta. We know we are some distance away from achieving our goal of simplifying cryptocurrency, but we are 100% committed to it. As such, your feedback is absolutely crucial in this journey to achieving our goal. We promise to diligently incorporate your input and push out updates as soon as they are ready.

Thank you for sticking with us and helping us make crypto better for everyone.

Keep Holding!





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