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2 min readFeb 26, 2021


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I have been around cryptocurrency since 2010 when I started mining bitcoin on my laptop. I had to give up on mining soon but it was exciting watching the technology and the industry evolve over the years. Around 2017, I landed upon a couple of realizations — first, was that cryptocurrency and blockchain (the underlying technology which enables cryptocurrencies) are incredibly powerful tools, so much so, that it isn’t ridiculous to envision a future in which cryptocurrency is at the center of all financial transactions; second, was that the huge feature set of blockchain makes it quite a complex technology to implement completely while maintaining security. Often user experience (UX) is left as the lowest priority during the development process of crypto-related products. For cryptocurrency to be at the center of all financial transactions it not only needs to be secure, it also must be simple!

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency is the wallet. A crypto wallet houses the private key (an alphanumeric string which is akin to a house key which must be kept safe) and it allows a user to interact with the blockchain. Two of the most prominent flavors of wallet include software wallets and hardware wallets. Software wallets are easy to use but highly prone to cyberattacks and hardware wallets are incredibly secure but a hassle for everyday use.

We took a different approach for Vault E. Vault E is a hardware wallet with security and simplicity as a priority. As with others that came before us, we also had to make a sacrifice. Instead of supporting each and every feature that blockchain has to offer, we are limiting ourselves to supporting the most important features and a limited number of cryptocurrencies. This led to less bloat, increased security, and most importantly a simplistic wallet UX. By combining this approach with a mobile-first design, we are able to finally offer an easy and secure gateway into the world of cryptocurrency.

After lots of hard work and a year of pure chaos, we are proud and excited to announce our Vault E Beta Program. As part of the program, we are sending out the beta version of Vault E to a select few without any strings attached. If you’re an early adopter and love discovering new technologies, then please apply to our Beta Program. Be one of the first to experience the product of our vision and let us know what you think. Your participation and feedback is very important for us and for a successful launch of Vault E.

hodllabs.io — Vault E | hardware wallet designed for simplicity!

Please visit the beta program page for more details.

We hope you will like the Vault E as much as we do.

Anuj Sultania

Founder & CEO,




We want to make cryptocurrency user-friendly & we believe that the simple hardware wallet is a good starting point We believe that Simplicity Matters.