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About two years ago, I had a realization that cryptocurrency is plagued by the issue of bad user experience. Cryptocurrency is best stored in a hardware wallet; I don’t think there is any argument there. But in my experience, existing hardware wallets are quite clumsy and difficult to use. There is a dichotomy where the best practice is to store a bulk of one’s crypto holdings in a hardware wallet and a small fraction in a software wallet for daily spending. Regardless of how small the fraction maybe, software wallets are simply not very safe.

Using two or more wallets to hold one’s crypto holdings is ideal and I do the same, but I feel quite anxious having any amount of cryptocurrency on my phone. I wanted a wallet that sacrificed neither the security of a hardware wallet nor the comfort and ease of a software wallet.

I think it is very important for cryptocurrency adoption that the wallet, one of the key pieces of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is simple to use. This led to the inception of Vault E which we built from the ground-up with a clean user-experience at the core of its design.

We are very proud and excited to announce our Vault E beta program. As part of the program, we are sending out the beta version of Vault E to a select few without any strings attached. If you’re an early adopter and love discovering and messing around with new technologies, then please apply to our beta program. Be one of the first to experience the product of our vision and let us know what you think. If you love it — we want to know because it would be nice to know that we made a difference; if you hate it — we want to know that as well in order to further improve the Vault E based on your feedback. Your participation and feedback are very important for us and for the successful launch of Vault E.

Please visit the beta program page for more details. We hope you will like the Vault E as much as we do.


Founder & CEO, Hodllabs, Inc.

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We want to make cryptocurrency user-friendly & we believe that the simple hardware wallet is a good starting point We believe that Simplicity Matters.

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