Want to try the Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet?


I have been around cryptocurrency since 2010 when I started mining bitcoin on my laptop. I had to give up on mining soon but it was exciting watching the technology and the industry evolve over the years. Around 2017, I landed…

Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex mathematical problems and miners are the cornerstones of many cryptocurrency networks. They spend their time and computing power solving these challenges and providing a ‘proof-of-work’ for the network, which then verifies the ETH transactions. Additionally, miners are responsible for generating new Ether tokens through the…

Decentralized Finance is now one of the most active sectors of blockchain with over $8 billion invested in DeFi smart contracts. It’s a movement that’s transforming old financial products into transparent and trust-less systems. By removing intermediaries, DeFi promises to offer the world a globally inclusive financial system.

DeFi will…


We want to make cryptocurrency user-friendly & we believe that the simple hardware wallet is a good starting point We believe that Simplicity Matters.

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